10 Years Later

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Ten years ago this week, people who weren't already familiar with it were beginning to hear about the chemical used by DuPont Washington Works to make Teflon coatings.

It was in late August of 2001 that a civil suit was filed, stating C8 was present in several water sources, as a result of DuPont discharging it into the Ohio River.

The attorney representing the plaintiffs says progress has been made, not only in cleaning up the water, but in determining the chemical's effects.

"The biggest deal was to get the water cleaned up, says Charleston attorney Harry Deitzler. "The next level was to get the examination of all of the affected people, to get the health data, so we can get a handle on exactly what problems are caused."

A settlement in the case led to the formation of the C8 Science Panel, which has been gradually releasing its findings during the past five years.

Its final report is scheduled to be made public next summer.

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