Oil and Gas Industry Gathers in Marietta

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It is an industry that once ruled the Valley, and now those who make their living off oil and gas say it's making a comeback.

Members of the Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association are gathering at the Washington County Fairgrounds Thursday for their trade show, showing off some of the latest technology in the industry.

The association says natural gas is a big industry here now, and with the rising demand for oil in developing countries, business is booming.

That also means the days of cheap oil may be gone forever, but the price of oil is nothing compared to one other hot commodity right now.

Association Official Marty Miller says, "We seemed to be alarmed at the fact oil is over $50 a barrel. The price of bottled water is $399.84 a barrel, so it's all supply and demand."

Miller says we will probably never see oil in the $30 a barrel range again, for the simple reasons of the laws of supply and demand.