Cleaned Out

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Customers at Busy Bee Cleaners on Ann Street have begun getting the news.

Busy Bee's operations, which include a location in Vienna, have been sold to Belpre Cleaners, which will retain Busy Bee's employees.

"We had been looking at various options and locations," says owner Woody Moss. "We were unable to find a suitable location where we could relocate the plant. There's a tremendous effort involved in relocating a dry cleaning plant."

The end of the Ann Street location is the result of a planned expansion of Camden-Clark Hospital. CCMH is also acquiring the site of the Moose Lodge and a nearby convenience store.

This site has had a long history. Before it became s dry cleaners in the 1980's, it housed an auto repair store dating back to the early 20th Century.

"It is a unique location in its access from three different sides," explains Moss. "All of our dry cleaning and shirt production was generated out of this facility; the Vienna store is simply a coin laundry and drop-off counter."

Busy Bee, which has had 10 employees at its two locations, will remain in operation until Sept. 30, to complete existing cleaning projects.