Layoffs Again?

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They keep the folks in Meigs County safe, but little could be done to keep the sheriff's department safe from the job ax.

Friday, the entire department got layoff notices for the second time since last November.

If no money comes through for his department by Oct. 4, Ralph Trussel will be the only person patrolling the 423 square mile county.

That means 12 road officers, 4 dispatchers a full time and part time cook are all out of work, and plans are in the works to move prisoners.

Some deputies believe the situation is political. But county commissioners say this issue isn't about politics but it's working within a given budget

They say there's absolutely no more money to give the sheriff's department. The new budget begins in January, which means the department will be back up to full staff. What happens in the meantime, though, is still anyone's guess.

Commissioners say the sheriff Trussell can contact Gov. Taft, for additional help.

Last may commissioners put a sales tax increase on the ballot to raise money for the sheriffs department.

Voters turned it down.