Border Dispute

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The head of West Virginia's Republican caucus is defending the vote of a Wood County lawmaker.

Delegate Larry Border, who is up for re-election next week, is being criticized by the Democratic Party for opposing the use of state lottery money for a number of economic projects.

Those projects include the proposed Parkersburg Riverfront Park and Cabela's Sporting Goods in Wheeling.

"Delegate Border stood up and had the wisdom to vote against this bill as well as some of the delegates in Wood County and throughout the state," Rep. Carmichael explains. "This was not a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats voted against this issue, and both Republicans and Democrats supported it."

That having been said, Delegate Carmichael had no reservations as to how he stood on the measure, which earmarked money for 48 statewide projects.

"It's a result of these kinds of policies where government bureaucrats say, we know what's best for you and we'll take your money and give it to the projects as we see fit," Carmichael says. "That does not create economic development."

The state Supreme Court has since ruled in favor of the way of funding the bonds by using money from video lottery revenues.