St. Mary's School in the Halloween, Election Spirit

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Walking into Mr. Thompson's second grade class is not for the weak of heart this time of year. The veteran teacher has decorated his room for Halloween for over 20 years, and it just gets bigger and bigger every year.

As the kids go about their studies, a spider just might land on their head or a bat fly over head, but Mr. T makes the holiday educational too.

He says, "I have been teaching a little bit of the Egyptian history, and we talk a little bit about mummies and pyramids, and so I built this mummy's tomb."

It takes Thompson and his wife 14 hours to get the fright sight ready for the kids, and it's not just his class that gets a scare. The whole school gets to tour the infamous classroom.

So far, every one has made it our alive.

It's not just the season for frights at Saint Mary's Elementary School, it's also election season. The students were early voting Tuesday by about 10 years!

Students got their chance to cast a ballot for President Bush or Sen. Kerry in their own school-wide election. Some pupils even served as poll workers.