A Simple Majority

Bond Issue
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A simple 50 plus one percent vote is all that's needed to approve the Wood County school bond issue next Tuesday. That decision is the result of research by the Wood County Clerk's Office after WTAP brought the topic up.

Initially, it was believed the issue would need a 60 percent vote to pass.

"Some of the law is quite confusing; it's different from municipalities and county governments," says Bill Niday, Superintendent of Wood County Schools. "But for county boards of education, a simple majority is all that's required for a bond issue."
The bond issue raises money to fund renovations at Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, and Williamstown High Schools.

A state amendment approved in 1982 requires just a majority above 50 percent for passage of next Tuesday's Wood County school bond issue.

"The code talks about boards of educations separate from cities and counties with their levies and bonds," says Wood County clerk Jamie Six. "So those people have to have a 60 percent passage, but it excludes the Board of Education to a 50 percent passage."

Until they checked with state officials, the Wood County Clerk's Office wasn't sure whether the minimum for passage was 50 or 60 percent.