Few Changes in Recount

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The results from five southeast Ohio counties participating in the statewide Ohio recount have changed very little from election night.

President George W. Bush still won the region by about 700 votes. Democrat John Kerry's only win among those counties was Athens County, which he prevailed by 8,000 votes.

Kerry picked up one vote in Meigs County and one in Athens County. The vote tallies for the five counties show Bush picked up 42,187 votes, while Kerry had 41,438.

In nearly all of the counties, third and minor party candidates received a little more than 100 total votes.

With 43 of 88 counties reporting final tallies to the Associated Press by Friday, Bush had gained 325 votes and Kerry added 444 votes. Neither campaign expects the recount to change the outcome of the election.

Bush won Ohio's 20 electoral votes by beating Kerry by 119,000 popular votes. Results for the statewide recount are to be announced next week.