Sturm Indicted

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A 12-year-old Washington County Boy is now charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Brian Christopher Sturm, accused of shooting to death his grandmother and aunt last month, was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury.

The grand jury included three specifications in each of the two aggravated murder indictments; one for the use of a firearm in the deaths of his aunt and grandmother, one charging the offense of violence and one citing him as a serious youthful offender.

Sturm entered denials to all of the counts and specifications, similar to a "not guilty" plea. While a grand jury in Washington County common pleas court indicted Sturm, this remains a case for the county juvenile court.

While Sturm would be placed in custody in a juvenile detention facility until he is 21, Rings says under certain circumstances he could face confinement as an adult.

"He could arguably be facing another 11 and a half years as an adult after he's finished serving his time in the Department of Youth Services," said assistant prosecutor Kevin Rings. "But that would require the judge to make a finding that he's a serious youth offender, and it would require him to commit another offense, or some other factors would come into play, and that would likely be determined down the road."

Sturm can request a trial by jury. His bond won't be addressed until mid-January. Sturm, in fact, will have two hearings next month; one on his bond and the other a pre-trial hearing at which time a trial date will be set.