Ronda Manley Remembered

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Ten years ago Marietta detective Charlie Cauldwell promised Rebecca Antill that the murder of her 18-year-old sister would not go unsolved. Wednesday's announcement that DNA linked Aubrey Alexander Davis senior to the murder of Manley proved him right.

Despite searches and leads over the years, authorities have never been able to bring closure to this tragic story.

We have more about the young woman whose life was cut short, as Ronda Manley's sister speaks out.

The news of a potential suspect in Ronda Manley's murder case is something Rebecca Antill and her mother Barbara never thought they'd hear, especially after 10 years.

Ten years later, a strong link to a suspect, might help to ease the pain of a wound that will never completely heal.

"We're glad there's gonna be a resolution, but it's not gonna bring my sister back," said Rebecca Antill.

Through her tears, Rebecca can only remember her younger sister with a smile. She describes her as a fun and good person, but very gullible.

A conviction in this case means justice is served, but Rebecca hopes to remind people that her sister was so much more than just another murder case.

Aubrey Alexander Davis Senior, the suspect in this case could face the death penalty, and Rebecca Antill hopes if convicted that is the outcome.