Prison Employee Indicted

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A Marietta woman is accused of smuggling drugs into the correctional facility where she worked.

Twenty-four-year-old Jessica English was indicted Friday by the Washington County Grand Jury.

Authorities in September intercepted a package sent to English at the Saint Marys Correctional Center containing Oxycodone and Xanax pills.

Prosecutors say the drugs were intended for a prisoner at the prison and that the incident may be part of a larger investigation.

"The investigation shows that a month before she had received a good bit more Oxycocone and Xanax tablets at her Marietta address and had delivered those to her prison," said assistant prosecutor Jim Schneider.

English was arrested after the drugs were discovered, and Schneider says state and federal authorities may also be investigating. However, no Pleasants County or federal indictments have been handed down.