Wondering "Why"

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The area where Sturm lived is bounded by Ohio Route 821, and residents there, especially those who knew Sturm and his family, are reacting with shock.

Chris Sturm, who was known by his teachers and classmates as Brian, was in the seventh grade at Salem-Liberty Elementary School.

School officials declined comment, but Sturm's basketball coach at the school told us he had expected the youngster to play on his team again this year.

As for what happened Monday night, Jim Lagraen like almost everyone, is at a loss to explain why.

"As far as what went wrong, I don't know, Lagraen said. "I do know troubled teens need a little more guidance, and I know Brian was wrong."

Sturm moved to Highland Ridge with his aunt and grandmother this fall when flooding forced them from their home in the Whipple area.

"He made that decision to do what he done, but maybe with a little better guidance, maybe it wouldn't have happened", Lagraen said.

Legraen hopes to speak to Sturm if only to get an idea of what might have motivated him to do this.