Signs of a Double Homicide in Burned House

Fatal Fire
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Two bodies found inside a burned duplex apartment on 19th Street in Parkersburg show evidence they were killed before the fire.

Twelve hours after the fire broke out police removed two bodies from the 19th Street home. It was a surprise to them because at first they thought they only had one victim at the Parkersburg home.

At this point they haven't confirmed either person's identity.

Just after seven Saturday night the first of the two burned bodies was removed. The second was removed about a half hour later. Autopsies are scheduled for both victims.

Getting the bodies out of the two-story home was an obstacle in itself because the interior was severely damaged by the fire. Both were on the second floor where the fire broke out in a bedroom at 5 a.m.

Parkersburg police and fire investigators have teamed up with the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's office. They're examining all the evidence and questioning neighbors to see if they saw anything suspicious.

Tenants living in the bottom of the duplex apartment escaped unharmed.