Mobile Home Dealer Sentenced

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A Washington County man gets two years in prison for not delivering mobile homes from his failed business.

Albert Joseph Webb also has to pay more than $110,000 to six customers who either made a down payment or payment in full, but never got the homes they ordered.

Webb said in court Monday that he didn't intend to defraud those customers.

"I was trying to save my business," Webb said. "I'm sorry for the people who lost their money."

In spite of judge Susan Boyer's sentence, Terry Wagner of St. Marys, who is among those who made a down payment and never received a home, doubts he will get his money back.

"It's just devastating to my family and to other families," Wagner said. "I think he took advantage of us and it's sad people like that are in our society."

The 61-year-old Webb will also be under three year’s probation when he is released from prison.