The Out-of-Towner

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Twenty-three-year-old Amy Renee Rose of Summersville is charged with seven counts, including one count of attempted murder.

Police have no motive for the death of Chris Nichols, Rose's boyfriend, on August first. But they are investigating to determine whether it is drug-related.

Shortly after Rose was indicted on Wednesday, authorities received information she could be in Parkersburg.

"I had some information that she could be up here," says Wood County Sheriff's Deputy Terry Miller, "and in traveling around several areas, I was able to determine where she was. It's my understanding she had been here for a short period of time."

Rose was arrested at a home on George Street. She was arraigned before Wood County Magistrate Kenny Miller, but her bond hearing may not take place until she returns to Nicholas County.

Bond has to be set by a Circuit Judge in a capital offense.

Deputy Paul O'Dell from Nicholas County says his county's sheriff's department had to wait for autopsy reports on Nichols' death before Rose could be formally charged.