Local Mysteries Remain Unsolved

Cold Cases
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The arrest of the suspected BTK killer in Wichita, Kansas has grabbed news headlines across the country.

Police believe Dennis Rader dodged law enforcement for three decades.

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we have several unsolved homicides of our own. Three of those happened earlier this month when two bodies were found in a burned out duplex in Parkersburg and a third decapitated body was found in Mineral Wells.

Many times unsolved crimes fade from people's memories as the years pass, but police never forget. They're still trying to solve several homicides right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

One occurred nearly 40 years ago. An 18-year-old assistant manager of the former Burger Boy Food-O-Rama in Parkersburg was shot execution style and robbed of $700.

In June of 2003, police announced they had a suspect in the BBF Murder, but an arrest is yet to be made.

On February 7, 1981 Washington County Sheriff Lt. Ray Joe Clark was shot in the kitchen of his own home. Authorities reopened the case in 1995, but today it still remains unknown who pulled the trigger or why.

Nine years later in July of 1990, the body of missing 18-year-old Terri Lee Roach was found along Cole Coffman Road in Washington County. Her body had been buried and she had suffered a blow to the head. Police believe the killer is someone she knew, but have not made any arrest in this case either.

Authorities on both sides of the river express their frustration that these cases still remain unsolved, but they still continue to work on them even today.