UPDATE: Inmate sentenced to 40 years for death of Robert Anderson

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WTAP) - Update: 9/7/2017 4:25 P.M.

Eugene Robert Anderson

Timothy Parsons, an inmate in the West Virginia Correctional Center at Mount Olive, is sentenced to 40 years for the death of fellow inmate Eugene Robert Anderson.

The sentences were handed down Thursday morning in Fayette County, where the prison is located.

The sentence will be served concurrent to the two life sentences Parsons already was serving, for rape and murder, meaning he will not serve additional time for Anderson's death.

Update: 7/13/2017 5:00 P.M.

An argument over a biblical verse led to the stabbing death of a former Marietta College professor convicted 15 years ago of 130 child pornography charges.

Timothy Parsons Wednesday pleaded guilty in Fayette County to second-degree murder for the January death of fellow inmate Robert Eugene Anderson.

Anderson was serving a sentence for his 2002 and 2003 convictions at the West Virginia Penitentiary at Mount Olive.

Fayette County Prosecutor Larry Harrah says Anderson and Parsons were arguing over a biblical verse. Anderson, a professor, questioned the interpretation by Parsons, who reportedly had an eighth-grade education, of the verse in question.

Parsons, who confessed to the stabbling, claimed Anderson's behavior in the discussion was "hostile".

According to the prosecutor, Parsons believed Anderson was going to hire someone to kill Parsons.

"Mr. Parsons took that as he was going to get whoever the hit man was to kill Mr. Parsons," Harrah said, "so he acted and stabbed Mr. Anderson repeatedly, 20 times, 20 stab wounds."

Parsons himself is already serving two life sentences for first-degree murder.

Harrah says, when he's sentenced September 7 for Anderson's death, he could get an additional 10 to 40 years in prison on the second-degree murder charge.

UPDATE: 1/22/2017

A former Marietta College professor serving time for multiple sexual offenses involving minors has been killed in a West Virginia prison.

Lawrence Messina, the Director of Communications for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, says 66 year old Eugene Robert Anderson was killed around 6pm Sunday.

Anderson was fatally injured in an outdoor recreation area at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex.

A makeshift was recovered, but no one has been charged.

The West Virginia State Police is investigating.

State Police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous says once a report is completed, it will be passed on to the prosecutor in Fayette County-where the prison is located and the alleged crime happened-for consideration by that county's grand jury.

Anderson was convicted in Marietta in 2002 on 108 charges, including child pornography, obscenity and pandering prostitution involving minors and adults.

Anderson was also serving time for multiple sexual offense involving minors in Wood and Kanawha Counties in West Virginia.

The earliest he would have been released from prison is 2148.

UPDATE 12/15/15 10:57 AM

A former Marietta College professor has been sentenced to at least 60 years in prison in West Virginia after pleading guilty to sexually abusing two boys in the late 1990s.

Media outlets report that 65-year-old Eugene Anderson pleaded guilty Monday in Kanawha County Circuit Court to 10 sexual abuse counts and eight counts of third-degree assault.

Judge Tod Kaufman agreed to Anderson's request for a maximum sentence. The sentence will run consecutive to lengthy sentences Anderson received in child pornography cases in West Virginia and Ohio more than a decade ago.

While imprisoned in West Virginia, Anderson confessed to a state police trooper that he sexually abused a 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy. He told Kaufman that these victims hadn't received justice.

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UPDATE 8/24/2012 7:00 PM

Ten years ago August 23, a former Marietta College professor was found guilty of more than 100 child pornography charges.

Friday, his legal case officially came to an end.

Robert Eugene Anderson had an extra two years added to his 160-year prison sentence.

The sentence from Washington County Common Pleas Judge Susan Boyer was because of an act committed prior to July of 1996. It was was overlooked when he was originally sentenced.

Appearing by video from the West Virginia prison at Mount Olive, Anderson took full responsibility for what he called serious crimes.

"I do take moral responsibility for creating the environment that enabled the activities for myself and my co-defendant," Anderson told the court via video. "I was morally responsible. I enabled the behavior, and I'm very sorry about how things ended up with him, and I hope his family will find some solace in these words."

Co-defendant Robert Sandford died unexpectedly a few months before the August 2002 trial.

Anderson said he plans no further appeals of his conviction.

Pornography convictions have sent a former Marietta College Professor to prison for 88 years and four months.

Eugene Robert Anderson spoke for more than half an hour before his sentencing Thursday morning, telling Judge Susan Boyer his actions were, "a series of misjudgments.”

Anderson was convicted in Marietta last August of 108 charges, including child pornography, obscenity and pandering prostitution involving minors and adults.

"There's no way to end the bad things the defendant did in this case." Washington County Prosecutor Mike Spahr said after the sentencing. "But I think the sentence imposed was adequate."

Most of the charges involved Internet "chats" prosecutors said Anderson had with young adolescents. Investigators testified during his trial that Anderson asked the boys to send nude photos.

Anderson, who had a Parkersburg residence prior to his arrest last year, faces a February trial in Wood County Circuit Court on a variety of West Virginia charges related to the investigation.

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