Expanded Deer Season

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Wildlife officials have expanded this fall's
anterless deer season, hoping that hunters will kill enough females
to curb an exploding deer population.
The Division of Natural Resources had predicted that about
90-thousand antlerless deer would be killed during the 2001 season,
but only about 69-thousand were killed.
Curtis Taylor, chief of the D-N-R's Wildlife Resources Section,
says the deer population is expecially high in the northern and
western counties.
West Virginia's antlerless season has been expanded to 22 days
in 40 counties. Last year, it lasted 12 days in 38 counties.
It will be a split season, running concurrently with the buck
gun season from November 25th to December Seventh, then resuming
December Ninth through the 14th and December 25th through the 28th.
Hunters are allowed to kill up to four antlerless deer per day,
but cannot kill a buck and an antlerless deer on the same day.
For additional details, including which counties are open during
the expanded season, contact your district D-N-R office.