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Meigs County in Ohio and Mason County in West Virginia are under consideration for power plants which could bring them hundreds of jobs.

It isn't just that the clean coal plant benefits the area environment. It's also the number of jobs it would bring to an area which could desperately use them.

"From losing the mines, our unemployment has been among the highest in the state," says Meigs County Commissioner Mick Davenport. "It's been difficult for the county. This brings back jobs, and could bring back mining."

Also under consideration for the clean coal plant is this area near the Mountaineer Power Plant in Mason County, along with another site in Kentucky, but regardless of which side of the river gets it, the plant would be a "win-win" to the area.

AEP owns land on all three sites, but local officials believe the addition of the Route 33 corridor is an advantage for the Meigs-Mason County area.

"It's an easily accessible roadway into the plant for goods, services and employees," says county development director Michael Gulliver. "So it's a major improvement not only to the Great Bend area, but to the county as a whole."

And regardless of the side of the river where the plant is built, people on both sides would be taking home the paychecks.

The plant's main purpose is to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the air, but AEP says it will also allow the utility to continue to use low-cost coal to produce energy.