Jeopardy! in Ohio

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Jeopardy!’s college tournament begins airing Monday night at 7:30 p.m.. It continues through Nov. 22.

This year's shows were all done from the Schottenstein Center at the Ohio State University. The winner of the tournament receives $50,000 and a new car.

"We started off at Berkley," says host Alex Trebek of the first College Championship. "We did a championship outside of Chicago. They're all unique and special in different ways."

But the college tournament isn't the only special promotion the show does. "We have the 9, 10, 11 year-olds, we have teenagers, college students, the Tournament of Champions," says the show's long-time announcer, Johnny Gilbert. "There's no better show than that."

Executive Producer Harry Friedman says the college contestants bring a unique talent to the show.

"These are young people who are highly educated," says Friedman, "who are going to enter the world soon. There seems to be a real connection between our viewers and these young people."

Starting Monday, on WTAP NEWS AT SIX, we'll present a three-part series, "Inside Jeopardy!"

It will feature interviews with the hosts, producers, and the contestants in the college championship.

There's also a local flavor to the series. We'll talk to a Marietta College student, who appeared on the show two years ago.