"This Is Jeopardy!"

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It's difficult to imagine "Jeopardy!" without Alex Trebek.

In fact, most of the show's post baby-boom viewers have never seen the show when Trebek didn't host it.

In more than 4,000 shows, the congenial, dry-witted host has plenty of memories about the show and it's contestants.

"The blind contestant we had on our show a couple of years ago," Trebek recalls. "Here's a guy who winds up winning five shows, two cars, neither of which he could drive, and over $70,000. He had a marvelous sense of humor -- how can you not like a guy like that?"

In the past 30 years, Trebek has hosted dozens of game shows. You might remember Concentration, or High Rollers or even Battlestars. But none has been as long running or successful as Jeopardy.

"Someone in the audience asked, what's the most enjoyable part about being host?" Trebek muses. "I said, it’s the 30 minutes I'm on stage with the contestants. I love playing the game with the three players."

Another mainstay of the show since 1984 is announcer Johnny Gilbert. Gilbert has been on numerous game shows, from The Price is Right in the 1960s to The $100,000 Pyramid in the 1990s. His other current announcing job is Supermarket Sweep. But he said, in the ever-changing world of television, the success of Jeopardy! is nothing short of phenomenal.

"I usually have worked seven or eight years on a show, and that's it," Gilbert said. "But we're now in our 19th year, and still going strong. When there's a new audience, the excitement starts all over again as far as I'm concerned."

And one thing that doesn't appear to be in jeopardy is the show's future.