Traffic Safety Discussion

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Belpre residents Tuesday afternoon heard about plans to make safety improvements on the stretch of U.S. Route 50, which runs through the city.

They include installation of left-turn signals at the Braun Road and Farson Street intersections, while both traffic and the number of accidents at 50 and Township 97 will continue to be monitored.

Solutions for traffic problems at 50 and Clement Avenue may be more difficult. A short-term solution may be to install a traffic signal at Clement Avenue, and later build a median to eliminate left turns to and from the Route 50 intersection.

"Clement Avenue is one of the alternatives for installing a signal," says Steve Theiken of the consulting firm of Burgess and Niple. "And we have found that the installation of a signal at Farson really didn't reduce the number of crashes there. It reduced certain types of crashes and increased other types."

Ongoing concerns about accidents are what were behind the installation of a traffic signal at 50 and Braun Road last year.