Route 2 Interchange Construction To Take Two Years

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Construction season is here and one big project is already underway, but if you're tired of seeing slowed traffic and orange cones, be patient., this project is going to take a few years.

"It will widen the bridges to 5 lanes and it will also be a 4 lane extension up to Valley Mills with a center turning lane," Fred Rader, Community Development Director for the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council says explains.

If you've traveled along Route 2 near the I-77 interchange, you may have already noticed plenty of orange cones and slowed traffic.

"There will be an impact on that area during the construction. Progress always has its price but once completed it will improve traffic flow in the area."

It's a large project that got it's start from a bridge that needed to be replaced.

"Part of the reason is because the bridge reached the end of it's useful life so it's time to replace it so anytime you replace a bridge you want to look at what the need will be for that bridge for the life of the new bridge you're going to construct."

The 20 million dollar project is just the start of future planned construction along Route 2.

"The extension up Route 2 is the starting from this end of a planned four laneing of Route 2 all the way up although this is the only stage that's funded at this point."

Officials say it'll take about two years to complete the construction but that it will be well worth it in the end.

"When it's done, the interchange will have additional capacity and should serve the area for a long time to come...benefits from an economic development standpoint, improve trucking to all the industrial sites up and down the river."

Rader adds that this project will be very similar to the Mineral Wells interchange.

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