Cake Auction Benefits River City Farmers Market

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A farmers market was enjoyed on each side of the river on Saturday, and in Marietta, many gathered to enjoy all the fresh goods that Washington County has to offer.

Saturday, desserts were the main course!

A cake auction was held with delicious delicacies made by local vendors, and for those who don't have a sweet tooth, there's plenty of fresh local fruits and vegetables.

It's a day enjoyed by young and old that only costs what you bid on the cakes, with all proceeds from the auction going directly back into the local economy.

"Our highest I think went for 45 dollars and we've had several in that price range. The people that are buying know what this is for. They are our customers...our loyal customers. We even had a customer bring a cake down from Columbus to contribute to our auction. Had another from Parkersburg customer that contributed to our auction, so it's been quite a success, " President of the River City Farmers Market, Gary Smith, says.

The River City Farmers Market is open every Saturday.

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