Columbus To Washington Co., The Drugs Keep Coming

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It's story after story.

Four were recently arrested in Marietta for cocaine and heroin trafficking. Investigators say the drugs were being brought in from Columbus.

WTAP-News noticed a trend concerning Marietta and it's Columbus connection.

Columbus to Washington County., authorities say the drugs are coming in by the bag full.

It's all about profit margin.

"It is so huge, for like I said, for one balloon (of heroin) costs five to seven dollars up in Columbus and you can bring it down here and sell it for 50 and that's tremendous," explains Washington County Sheriff, Larry Mincks.

So that two hour drive for drug dealers could be earning them ten times in profit.

"It is a target area for them, like I said because we are a demand area, we have some addicts here that need to support their habit," continues Sheriff Mincks.

Authorities say nice neighborhoods are commonly targeted areas because it does not reflect attention to them.

But it's those same neighborhoods, where neighbors notice.

Investigators say an observant community, is the only way to stay a safe community.

"I would've suspected that if we would've not had intervened, that those people from Columbus would've been back within three or four days, which it is a continuing cycle," says Sheriff Mincks.

A cycle that may never be defeated but must be addressed.

"It's our objective to do what we can to intercept them and prevent them from coming into our area," says Sheriff Mincks.

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