CROP Walk Aims To End Hunger

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Over 100 people walked the trails of Marietta for the Community Responding to Overcome Poverty Walk. The CROP Walk organization raises money for local food pantries and helps fund projects to battle hunger overseas.

One in seven people throughout the world struggle with hunger. If you think it's only a problem in other countries... think again.

"You think it's a problem that is removed from your life but things can change just in the blink of an eye and people can need help with food," explains Sara Lamb, the organizer of the Marietta CROP Walk.

The number of struggling Americans may surprise you.

"Here in the United States if all of the people who have food insecurity stood in a food pantry in New York it would stretch all the way to Los Angeles and back," Lamb says.

Over 100 people laced up their walking shoes for the Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty Walk which helps fund local food pantries as well as sending money to millions of hungry neighbors around the world.

"My wife and I are both former Peace Corps volunteers and we've worked in countries where people have had to walk long distances for water and firewood," George Banziger says, when asked why he and his wife Gwen decided to participate. "So, it's symbolic for us to step in their shoes for a moment."

That step is closer to home than you may think.

"I sometimes help my mom at the food pantry and I see a lot of people who need help who come there," says 13 year-old Nora Torbett.