Wanted: Lifeguards for the Summer

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Summer is right around the corner and the applicants for lifeguards are one of the lowest.

Without the right amount of lifeguards, owner of Professional Pool Management says cuts will have to be made to many area pools.

"Like the pools we manage in particular, we need a hundred lifeguards minimum to do what we need to do to make sure they're staying open, if for some reason we don't get enough guards, that puts us in a tight predicament to make sure that our pools are open, to make sure that kids are coming to the pools, making sure they're safe rather than going to the surrounding rivers," explains Bishman.

Professional Pool Management is even offering financial aid for lifeguard training.

"Financially I think that's one of the problems with kids not coming out because of the two-hundred-dollar registration fee so one of the things that we're doing, is we're interviewing and trying to offer financial aid so maybe during the summer, we're fronting the money and then they can pay us back whenever they start working which they can pay for the registration fee and then some, the first week of life guarding," says Bishman.

For more information on life guarding, classes, or the application contact 740-350-7922.

Professional Pool Management runs the Marietta Aquatic Center, Williamstown Pool, Beverly, Parkersburg City and Jackson Park pool.

Life guard registration is $200.

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