Four Marshall University Seniors Cycle Cross Country

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"We've got 17 days til we leave," says Delta Chi Fraternity member and cyclist Seth Rabatin.

4 guys. 4 bikes. 10 days. 618 miles. 1 mission.

These 3 young men are part of a team cycling cross country to raise cancer awareness.

"I guess it kinda started maybe 2-3 years ago. Anthony and I talked about doing one over the summer and it just never really went through and then this year we got together and just said we're going to do it. Let's make it happen. And then once we got bikes it kinda had to happen. Because if we're going to waste that kind of money..and then we just started putting the event together. And now we're up to this point," says Rabatin.

This point being 4 Delta Chi fraternity brothers from Marshall University cycling to Iowa City.

They're raising money for the Jimmy V Foundation, a cancer research organization their fraternity sponsors.

"It's like a last once in a lifetime trip pretty much since we'll all have jobs after this. And we might as well do it for a good cause," says Delta Chi Fraternity member and cyclist Anthony Severino.

"I know Seth's lost someone from cancer and I've lost someone from cancer so it kinda means something for both of us to do it for our loved ones. And to raise money to help other people hold on to their loved ones. So it's a want and a need to do it. It's a win win situation," says Delta Chi Fraternity member and cyclist Scott Hamlin.

The guys say they aren't the most experienced cyclists, but train every weekend while juggling school, friends, and family. It's a hobby that's geared these men up to hit the open road.

"I mean we're not exactly doing 50-60 miles a day, but us just getting out there in a row and riding in a line. It helps us get used to each other's riding style and helps us work on our formation. When you're on the bike you don't really think about school or anything else. It's just you and the road. You're just watching the people around you and you just don't care about anything. So it's definitely fun to just get away," says Rabatin.

And the Jimmy V. Foundation mantra gives them the strength to push through every mile.

'Don't give up. Don't ever give up."

It's still 2 weeks until these young men embark on their trip West, and they've already raised $2,000.

If you want to support these men in their effort you can contact Seth Rabatin at 304-834-4691 or

For more information on the Jimmy V Foundation go to

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