Shooting Investigation Over, Deputies Going Back to Work

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UPDATE: 4/25/2012

It started with a call from a concerned mother saying her son was acting irratically, possibly on bath salts and having guns in his possession.

From the start, The Wood County Sheriff's Office says Jody Wilson shot first, and deputies fired back killing Wilson.

Chief Don Dougherty says, "the review determined all Deputies involved in the shooting acted in self defense and acted in accordance with our use of force policy."

The Wood County Sheriff's Office investigation into last months shooting of Jody Wilson is complete but there's still a long way to go before there's final answers.

Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton says, "at this point, we're waiting on some additional tests from the West Virginia State Police forensic lab. We expect those tests to come back fairly soon."

And when those results come in, plans are to send the case straight to the grand jury next month.

"There's a lot at stake in issues such as this when someone looses their lives and I really want there to be public confidence in the investigation and I think by allowing a grand jury which is composed by members of the public really allows for that to take place."

But when the case is complete, the problem may still remain. Since last months incident, Wood County has received a number of calls with people suspected on bath salts.

"A number of these cases, they're very delusional, paranoid and we've had to use restraints to calm the situation down. So bath salts is a continuing problem in this community."

The Deputies names will not be released until the WV State Police complete their investigation.

The deputies who shot a man during a standoff last month are heading back to work.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office has completed its internal investigation into the shooting death of Jody Wilson.

The investigation shows that none of the three deputies violated any sheriff's office policies.

They opened fire on Jody Wilson in March during an incident at his mother's home in Lubeck.

Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy says Wilson shot first prompting the shoot out.

He says the names of the deputies involved aren't being released until the Wood County Prosecutor's Office and the West Virginia State Police complete their investigations into the shooting.

The deputies returned to work Tuesday morning.

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