Remembering a Teacher and Friend

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A small group of seniors at Frontier Local High School were hoping to give a picture of their class to their English teacher and counselor Barb Broeffman as a way to show their love and appreciation for her, but the photo will unfortunately never be seen by their beloved instructor. She lost her battle with leukemia this past Saturday.

"She just wasn't our teacher, she was just like a friend," says Senior Caitie Tilton.

"She's been here for years. She's had our parents, our brothers and sisters and she'd know all about you. You can always go to her and she'd help you and talk to you," says Senior Jinni Murphy.

Barb Broeffman was a teacher here at Frontier Local High School for 28 years. Her kind nature and ability to make learning fun was felt by numerous generations, and the speed at which the leukemia over took her, came as a shock to many here, making this goodbye harder than anyone could have imagined.

"Some are trying to hold up pretty strong but some of us can't. We just lose it, like we had a prayer chain outside the flagpole yesterday and a bunch of us just broke down in tears," says Junior, Heather Gump.

Broeffman also affected the lives of every teacher she worked with. Many of them were students of hers years ago.

Todd Bradford was one of them and tells us Broeffman's influence made him want to be a teacher.

"When I was a freshman, she had a true love for, I remember, Romeo and Juliet," says Bradford.

And like the theatrical play, her ending too was bittersweet between the lives she touched and those she left behind.

"Our hearts go out to her family and we are going to miss her," says Dean of Students Roger Kirkpatrick.

Barb Broeffman leaves behind a husband, three children and two grandchildren.

The students tell us there are plans to plant a tree in her memory and they will also light a candle for her during this year's graduation.