Take Me Out To The...Recycling Bin

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While, in between ballgames, stands like these are empty, that often isn't the case right after a contest. That's why fans are being encouraged to deposit their used plastic bottles in containers like these. they could be raising money for the youngsters they witnessed play ball.

"Dr. ( Saurabh) Naik of the Polymer Alliance is doing the collection efforts", says John Reed, Director, Wood County Solid Waste Authority, "and he'll be tracking that for us. So it will be an interesting figure that will be available at the end of the season. We're anxious to see how many bottles they can collect."

These containers already have been placed at ballparks this spring in three counties.

"We'll have the Tri-C Park, Worthington Park, Vienna Park, Don Godbey and several others throughout the Wood County area," says Bill Boyle, Safety, Health and Environmental Site Manager, DuPont.

And they're not confined to youth ballparks. They've been used in college and major league parks as well.

"We're helping our clients gain awareness through sustainability programs, recycling, in and around sports facilities, retail establishments and colleges," according to Stephen Wolford, President/CEO, Fan Cans, L.L.C. "Entities which want to bring more awareness to their recycling initiatives."

The standout recepticles are also located in parks in Wirt and Pleasants counties.