Almost Law and Order

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Learning about the legal system.

That's how some school-age youngsters spent their friday.

Some participated in a mock trial, which took a case from the magistrate court to the circuit court.

It involved a woman accused of illegal trash dumping and a bank robbery attempt.

"There seems to be a disagreement among our young citizens about the guilt or innocence about the party involved," said Jean Ambrose, of the West Virginia Civic Literacy Council. "She's their teacher, which makes it a lot of fun. Being able to get them engaged means they really understand the process."

The jury's guilty verdict was appealed to circuit court.

The "real" aspect was that County Prosecutor Jason Wharton and Assistant Prosecutor Russ Skogstad were the attorneys in the case.

The county commission also participated in the event, which included a tour of the old county holding center.