UPDATE: Walmart Presents Checks To Local Food Pantries

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UPDATE: 6/22/2012 4:15 PM

Back in May, a Walmart Facebook competition challenged people to vote for their communities to win money.

The Parkersburg-Vienna areas came in the top 20 after receiving nearly seven thousand votes. The funds won in the competition go straight back into our community to fight hunger.

Friday, a check was presented at the Walmart on south side, with money going to the Mountaineer and local food pantries.

"It's having a hand and giving back to the community. Being there as a partner in the community. Financially the store doesn't get anything from this was all done of of the goodness of people's hearts that were pushing this to try to do the right thing," explains Walmart Manager, Kevin Ohse.

Mayor Bob Newell attended the presentation and is excited for the money to go back to those in need in our community. "Our area has needs just like many cities and counties across the country and for our community to come in close to the top nationwide and receive money back is very beneficial and it shows that there is some benefit to the hard work these folks do."

Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis is a supporter of food pantries across the Mountain State and is excited to see our area win a competition to benefit those in need. "This is just a way to show that when West Virginians put their minds to it that they can accomplish anything and it's just a big wonderful event for wood county."

Ohse says it's all thanks to those that voted.

"For all those folks involved in it, just a big thank you and for all the folks that are going to be serviced from these pantries, it's a silent thank you."

A total of 50 thousand dollars was donated to the Mountaineer and local food pantries.

You helped make the Parkersburg-Vienna community $50,000 richer.

Over the past few weeks, many of you logged onto Walmart's Facebook page and voted for a chance to secure funding to fight hunger in our community.

Parkersburg-Vienna was one of just 20 national winners of $50,000, after receiving 6,876 votes in Walmart’s “Fighting Hunger Together” Facebook Campaign.

Taking the top spot is the Youngstown-Warren, Ohio community, winning $1 million in grants.

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