Looking Back

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Carson Miller admits that, when he became president of the former Washington Technical College in 1985, he didn't envision it becoming a four-year baccalaureate institution. That soon changed.

"The longer I stayed, " Dr. Miller says, "It just became apparent that, for this college to succeed and grow, it needed to get on its own campus, in a population area close to highways and downtown areas."

To be sure, converting a two-year technical college to a four-year community college had some bumps along the way. Miller admits it didn't happen without some problems.

"There were some days when it was very difficult to get some folks in Columbus to agree to this. Other than that, I can't think of anything I'd consider a low."

While that's in the past, what's in the present, even as Miller is preparing to retire, is construction on a day care center, and future construction on a business center, as well as expansion of the college's programs outside Marietta.

"We have started to offer classes in McConnelsville, Caldwell and Fort Frye High School,” Miller explains. "We have a center in Belpre. I think reaching out into those communities is something the campus can provide for the future, too."

Dr. Miller's successor was announced on June 7.

Dr. Charlotte Hatfield, the college's first female president, will take over in late July.