Soldier Surprises Son At School

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Surprises come in all shapes and sizes, but this surprise for a local 5-year old is truly priceless!

No words can truly describe the feeling at Ms. Mace's kindergarten classroom on Wednesday.

Tears of joy filled the room when Sergeant Christopher Myers surprised
his 5-year old son CJ.

Sergeant Myers is stationed in Iraq, and Wednesday's reunion was the first time in five months the two had seen each other.

CJ didn't leave his dad's sight for the remainder of the day.

CJ's mother, Leslie, says he hears stories about his hero father who's fighting in the war.

CJ and Sergeant Myers haven't seen each other since September, but to a 5-year old, it feels like forever.

Sergeant Myers will be home for 15 days, and will get to celebrate CJ's sixth birthday.

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