More Than Just a Holiday

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Shannon Glodowski and her father Mike are spending a happy Father's Day together at the Multi Cultural Festival complete with face painting and a cookout.

But for Shannon and her father, this time together is all too short since he no longer has full custody.

"I get to see my dad Tuesday, Thursday, and every other weekend," says 10-year-old Shannon.

But for many loving fathers, that time is not enough. That's why roughly 100 Valley men have joined M.A.D Men United or Men Against Discrimination, a group that is focused on changing the legislation to help protect the rights of good fathers.

"You get a lot of times where one parent gets a lot more time with the kids over the other one, and the important things is children need both parents to be a part of their lives," says Brian Dent, the chairman of membership. "For over a year I only got to see my daughters on a Sunday from 10 - 6 p.m. That hit me quite hard."

Dent says going through a divorce was hard enough on his kids, and now he says he is trying to make up for lost time.

"I'm fortunate today to have my children present here with me, but do to divorce proceedings, there are some fathers here that were unable to have their children," says Dent.

And to the dads who experience the joy of fatherhood throughout the year, the men of M.A.D. have one word of advice to never take this phrase for granted.

"Daddy, I love you. Happy Father's Day!" says Shannon to her dad.

For more information on MAD Men United you can go to or you can call 304-295-0053.