Park Progress

The area's newest historical park should be open to the public by October.

Construction has been underway since spring on the Fort Boreman Historical Park, and just this week the first of the picnic shelters have been completed.

Workers from contractor Bosley Construction have also been at work grading and adding sidewalks to the park's access road.

There was concern about a landslip at the site, but that problem has been solved.

"We had some severe rains," says Bob Enoch, chairman of the Fort Boreman Historical Park Commission," which caused us some problems in that some of the grading they had done eroded, and had some slippage, but that since has been taken care of, and it is progressing quite well."

When it is completed, the park is expected to showcase Fort Boreman Hill's role in the Civil War.

A formal dedication of the park will probably happen next spring.