Muskingum River Receeding At McConnelsville

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This is usually how it begins: the Muskingum River floods before the Ohio does.

Benjamin and Sarah Lint have seen this before...within just the past two years.

"I've been here 15 years," Benjamin Lint told us, while photographing the latest high water. "The worst I've seen was about two years ago, when it flooded clean down Route 2 here. It was a couple of miles long. This is pretty mild compared to that one."

While McConnelsville's outskirts are affected by the high water, the neighboring village of Malta sits directly across the river. And Malta has its share of problems.

"Simply because people on Route 669 can't get out at all," Sarah Lint explained. "It gets a lot higher on (Malta's) side than on the other."

'McConnelsville has to deal with it though," Jim Treadway said, however, "for people trying to get through and up Route 60. The townspeople know their way around."

But it isn't just McConnelsville who feels the effects of this high water. On the Muskingum River between Lowell and Devola, the river has also overflowed its banks. But will it flood in downtown Marietta?

"Well, we have a nice day, today it's sunshining," Marietta resident Alvin Parmeter said, somewhat optimistically. "So, let's hope."

Welcome to spring, Southeast Ohio style.

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