Eleven Years Later September 11 Still Fresh in Hearts and Minds

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The silence was shattered eleven years ago and one local fire department remembers.

"It's sad, just remembering all the ones that have fallen and the ones that are still here and hoping we can keep everybody safe," says Belpre Volunteer Fire Department EMT Virginia Price.

There may be some positive movement since that fateful day but Price knows we're still playing it safe.

"We take more precautions, a little more leery, a little more careful, some things just happen that are unexpected but you try to be as careful and as cautious as you can be," Price says.

At BFD Sept. 11th remains close to the firehouse and in the public consciousness.

"It's something that we can't forget. it's something that needs to be in our mind all along and everyone I'm sure will remember where they were first at when they heard the news," says assistant fire chief Don Burch.

Stepping up to help their fallen and stricken brothers at the FDNY, this volunteer hook and ladder did what they could near and far.

"At the time we contacted different departments around and we wanted to get all the fire department people in New York but we knew they were overwhelmed and it wasn't really a good time, so we kept in contact with people that knew 'em as to what we could do if anything, equipment or manpower," Burch says.

Not a day goes by that we are not forever changed by an act of hate that devastated a nation.

"The American people need to be on guard and really take part in and pay attention to the remembrance as it could happen again," Burch says.

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