Joan Pyles is WTAP Mom of the Month

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A morning filled with emotion, Joan Pyles was astounded by the honor that she is WTAP Mom of the Month. The Parkersburg woman was presented with lots of wildflowers as she was joined by her family.

Speaking through tears this caring mother talked about her least favorite thing about being a mom, "having to see them grow up." Her most favorite thing is getting to spend time with them over the holidays since she doesn't see them that often.

"She says I deserve it," Joan says, (but) I don't know why."

According to daughter Charlene, "My mother's been a very loving mother; she's raised us, she's raised her grandchildren, her great grandchildren."

Where Joan once worked she had to place children in home improvement situations. As those children grew older they called to thank her for all the help and love she gave them during that time.

It shows just what kind of mom she is.

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