Sentiment Mixed about Candidates for President

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With just one day to go until a new president is chosen, sentiment about the candidates is mixed.

"I'm very disappointed in the whole system; it's corrupt, it goes to the highest bidder," says Henry Chaney of Davisville. "Even the two major parties are just basically who are owned by corporations and they do not listen to the needs and wants of the people and therefore, I just refuse to vote."

There are no shortage of opinions on the presidential election and how people are voting in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"I'm voting for Romney 'cause I think he'll bring the deficit down and I don't really like the Obamacare and all that. I think it's going to cost too much money," says Harold Adams of Belpre.

Marcus is undecided but when it comes down to it, he says he'll probably vote for Obama.

"I'm unsure if he's going to do what he say he's going to do," says Marcus Henderson of Parkersburg. "You know the last four years have been difficult for the whole world and you know people want change, so if they want change they're going to make a different decision and they're going to go the other way. But for everyone who's not unsure just go ahead and vote and vote for you know, whoever you think is the best."

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