Life In The Green

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There are many ways you can become a friend to our environment.

Some are simple, like recycling, and others are more complex.

Nestled away in the woods stands a unique home.

The home is filled with a family who practices a green lifestyle.

Marilyn Ortt never second guesses her decision to go green.

Nor does she deny her commitment to the environment.

The Ortt's installed solar panels on their roof to conserve energy.

Meanwhile, a local contractor is spreading the word about building green.

Dan Harrison uses this "Simply Green" home to showcase a green building.

Harrison says sometimes there's a stigma that recycled items have a second hand feel, but that's not true.

He also says the environmentally friendly avenue is no longer a one way street for a single belief.

It's something that crosses all beliefs and political lines and it's here to stay.

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