Going Green, Saving Green...It's That Easy!

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Going green seems to be a new way of life that's sweeping the U.S., not to mention, the world.

Its a win-win, saving our environment and saving you a few bucks.

Almost everywhere you look, green is the theme.

From Hollywood, to the campaign trail.

The five letter word has taken on a whole new meaning, and thousands are going green.

In the Pioneer City, Marietta Mayor Michael Mullen says the Armory is getting an earth friendly face lift.

It will soon be solar voltaic and Geo-thermal.

Another initiative in Marietta is to make the city a more bicycle friendly community.

Across the river in Parkersburg, city officials are also finding new ways to be a friend to our planet.

Mayor Bob Newell says they are trying to do an educational thing, teaching people how to recycle.

Up the road in Belpre, city officials are tackling a whole new venture for the environment.

The city building will soon be solar paneled, and LED lights are already blinking green in Belpre.

So, whether it's recycling, new construction, or just building earth friendly awareness, local communities are launching conservation minded initiatives, and hoping folks will catch the green fever.
Almost everywhere you look, green is the theme.

There are many ways you can become a friend to our environment.

Some are simple, like recycling, and others are more complex.

Nestled away in the woods stands a unique home.

The home is filled with a family who practices a green lifestyle.

Marilyn Ortt never second guesses her decision to go green.

Nor does she deny her commitment to the environment.

The Ortt's installed solar panels on their roof to conserve energy.

Meanwhile, a local contractor is spreading the word about building green.

Dan Harrison uses this "Simply Green" home to showcase a green building.

Harrison says sometimes there's a stigma that recycled items have a second hand feel, but that's not true.

He also says the environmentally friendly avenue is no longer a one way street for a single belief.

It's something that crosses all beliefs and political lines and it's here to stay.

But how can you, the average American, go green?

First call to action is recycling.

But, beyond the green bins lies a major investment to your home.

Ken Shilling with the Washington Electric Cooperative says electric companies are helping customers save energy by actually showcasing various Eco-friendly products.

They suggest that people go to their local hardware store to make a small investment which will save them money in the long run.

For example, low flow shower heads, energy efficient light bulbs, weather stripping, and installation.

Keep in mind, being a friend to our environment no longer means what it used to.

It isn't a fad that will fade over the years.

Times are a changing, going green is not going anywhere.

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