Another Local Office Goes Solar

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Updated: 12/22/2014 4:50 P.M.

Going solar.

Another area business makes the change.

The Dunn and Bowling dental office is the 14th building in the past two and a half years where Pickering Energy is installing solar panels.

They're designed to provide half of the office's annual electric power supply.

It's expected the panels will pay for themselves in a few years.

"A lot of people who are having these systems put in are very conscious about the amount of energy they use and the environmental impact of that energy", says contractor Chip Pickering. "A lot of people pay attention and monitor those systems pretty closely."

Dr. Wayne Dunn acknowledges it's the financial savings that encourage people to install the panels, but he believes the impact on the environment itself is an incentive to use them.

The solar revolution makes sense for one local doctor.

West Virginia has plenty of natural resources that for a reasonable price can support alternative and renewable energy.

When Dr. Lance McCoy's son joined the military last year the doctor became interested in renewable energy and making over his business.

"The realization of how much time and effort and energy we spend protecting our oil interests around the world and I was able to be ignorant of that for years because i'm a civilian," McCoy says. "But that really opened my eye and I wanted to do something now."

Solar Energy Solutions of Parkersburg outfitted Dr. McCoy's business to be energy efficient with solar panels on the roof.

The panels are expected to last 25 years and he says the immediate payoff is saving money on your electric bill and helping the environment.

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