Super Bowl Pizza

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Rivaling Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday is Domino's other biggest day of the year where they expect to sell more than 300 pizzas and much more.

"Wings will be our big seller, we will probably go through five to six cases weighing 25 pounds," says Merle Hiley, store manager of the North Parkersburg location.

All hands will be on dough the day of the 47th games.

"Just trying to get everything ready and get everybody up and hyped for the Super Bowl," Hiley says.

People are already thinking with their stomachs as they look ahead to Super Bowl.

Driver Mark Maslowski ensures everything's running in and outside the store. "Safe driving, defensive driving - make sure you're watching out for everybody," he says.

They get their hands in the dough everyday and that translates to dough at the register on Super Bowl.

According to Hiley, their food order has almost doubled, so they can get stuff prepped and ready for Sunday.

Drivers are prepared to provide customers with all they need on the big day.

"Making sure you have the correct change, making sure you have their order, their pizza, making sure you have everything that's supposed to go to that person and you didn't forget anything anywhere," Maslowski says.

At least eight to 10 drivers will be on the road with your pizza and trimmings come Sunday.

"Pretty much all the drivers are going to be working," Maslowski says. "So we're going to make sure that everyone gets out there and everybody's taken care of... and nothing to worry about; in and out, in and out, in and out."

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