Parkersburg Abandoned Buildings

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It's something no one wants to see, condemned properties close to where families live not knowing what it will attract.

"It makes me uncomfortable because you never know when the house may go up again," says John Bailey of Parkersburg. "Or someone else can go in there and catch it on fire again and have the streets all messed up in town even worse. Basically it's a big eyesore."

For most of the 10 years Connie Roberts has lived in her North Parkersburg home, she says the house next door has been a problem after the lady who owned it died.

"There was a bunch of people in there and we griped until we got 'em out; then they just broke in the door and went back in," Roberts says.

Parkersburg is covered in abandoned homes and there's a reason why.

"Most of the houses that end up in this condition, the owners have either walked away from them, there's been a bankruptcy, a foreclosure -- the loans have been sold to a bank in Utah and they actually could care less about a house in Parkersburg, West Virginia," says Gary Moss, code enforcement director for the city.

From nice neighborhoods 30 years ago to this.

"It's just really not safe for this house to be here," Roberts says. "It has no reason to be here, it doesn't serve any purpose; it needs to be torn down."

Falling on hard times in a weak economy affects many and those with no options may skip town.

"Can't maintain the property, they just don't have the funds," Moss says. "It gets ahead of them though, the condition of the property gets ahead of what they can afford to put in to to fix it up, plus they're usually liens on the property. So rather than fixing it up, they just move on, walk away."

Bailey is hoping the house on the corner is soon a big empty lot.

"Tear it down," he says. "They've done all the other abandoned houses, why not this one?"

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