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Digital Learning Day is part of a year-round national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for children.

"Here at Franklin and throughout a lot of Wood County everyday is Digital Learning Day," says Kristin Sloater, technology integration specialist at the school. "It's just a part of our normal curriculum. We do everything from start our day with it to attendance to everything we do tends to be centralized around technology."

On Feb. 6, schools across West Virginia took part in this technology driven day.

"We're very fortunate here at Franklin to have abundance of tools at our hand. Educational technology is important because it allows for the curriculum to be centered around the student," Sloater says.

A school that taps into the very fabric of the 21st century by embracing the digital revolution.

"We have got the opportunity to use so much technology in our room. It is so much easier to get the kids involved and interested," says first grade teacher Aubree Hughes.

From the basic classroom to the digitally enhanced classroom of today, times have definitely changed.

"We might not use the iPad for the same thing everyday but we use it pretty much every single day," Hughes says. "Kids are so familiar with using the computers... at six-years-old they're doing PowerPoint; they're researching just because of the things they're provided here at Franklin."

Jaedyn, a fifth-grader dives into a new generation of learning that's fully interactive.

"Our class is based on technology pretty much and we use the computer and a white board," she says. "It's really fun to use because you're actually using technology and it's not pencil and paper."

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