Woodwork All in the Family

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The chance to be creative runs in the Waggoner family... including the kids.

"My grandfather actually lived here in town, was a customer at Woodcraft and kind of got us started in woodworking," says Jeff Waggoner of Frankfort, Indiana, who was in Parkersburg with his clan for the patriarch's funeral and briefly set up shop at the historical store. "So my kids do projects for different woodworking competitions."

Four days of work and 11-year-old Jaida Waggoner shaped a piano out of wood. You can see it on American Woodshop this spring.

"The edge piece bends around like this," Jaida, now 12, says. "We actually made a steam box for it and we took four different separate pieces of wood and put it in the steambox. We bent them separately and then we glued them together and sanded the ends and cut them."

The family that makes woodwork together, stays together, to create award-winning pieces.

"We took it in a competition (Indianapolis Woodworking Show) and I won third place," Jaida says.

Her brother Jalen, 15, was also enterprising when it came to making a chair.

"This is my Blacker House armchair... all in all in took about 200 hours to sand, finish and polish," Jalen says.

He stepped into uncharted territory.

"It was very challenging," Jalen says. "We had never built a chair until this time and this chair is all angles; the only square joints are in the back."

What Jaida can do with her own two hands makes all the effort worth it in the end.

"I think it's fun working with the different kinds of woods and just how pretty everything looks when it's done," she says.

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