Potty Exhibit

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Behind closed doors...

Go into the most private room in the house through the ages.

The Bathroom (or Potty Exhibit, as it's called) was recently unveiled in a new retrospective at the Blennerhasset Museum.

Bathroom artifacts dating back to the 18th century are on display through the end of the year.

Historian Ray Swick says the last 40 or 50 years have revealed that people are more intrigued than ever by personal history.

"Historians have caught on to this and are writing more books and monographs, etc. about the private lives of people as the research discloses the details," Swick says. "I think this is only part of the evolution of that new interest in history."

The museum is always looking for new exhibit ideas and already having a number of bathroom related relics, this seemed just perfect.

They weren't quite prepared for all the interest it has stirred up, but Swick says they are delighted just the same.

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