Family Remembers Brian Hopkins

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"I just love him very much and there will be always be a hole in our heart for Brian," says Cherley Grogg of Walker, the mother-in-law of gas well explosion victim Brian Hopkins.

Remembering a husband, father, son and a hard worker who loved what he did.

"He liked the job, he loved the job...he worked very hard, he put everything he had in his work and anything Brian done he put everything he had in it," says father-in-law Del Grogg.

Brian and Brenda were childhood sweethearts married for 23 years. Their love was unsurpassed.

"A very good man," Brenda says of her husband. "He was a hard worker, honest, he believed in God, he loved his boys very much, he loved me very much."

Brian leaves behind two sons: Ben, 18 and Brad, 21.

His in-laws saw him as one of their own.

"He was like a son to us, been in the family for a lot of years... and Brian always put everybody first," Cherley says.

He was the type of guy you just wanted to be around.

"Brian had a good presence; I mean we loved being around him," Del says.

Cherley says that her son-in-law would walk into a convenience store or anywhere and before he left, "everybody knew Brian was there."

"And no matter what you was going through, he always tried to make you feel better," she says.

Brian made an impact on the world as only he could.

"Just touched a lot of people's lives," Brenda says.

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